Isadora's Legacy
Devoted to the Dance of Isadora Duncan (1877-1927)

                      Isadora's Legacy: The Center
               For The Preservation of Modern Dance

           Photo by Peter Hoffman

                                       A Sense of Freedom

                                                                                     Roberta Hoffman

Isadora's Legacy: The Center for the Preservation of Modern Dance was founded by Roberta Hoffman in 1999.  Its primary purpose is to preserve the works of Isadora Duncan (1877-1927) and other early modern dancers by recreating their work and techniques on a series of videotape recordings.

Performances are given several times a year.  Programs are available for cultural events, community festivals, schools and colleges, and private organizational functions, and a variety of workshops and classes for adults and children are offered from time to time.

                                                           Photo by Petter Hoffman

"Let them come forth with great strides, leaps and bounds, with lifted forehead and far-spread arms" That will be America dancing.  Isadora Duncan.